Dr. Wafa AlRushaid

Chief Executive

OfficerPhD Holder from The American Graduate School of International Relations and Diplomacy in Paris, France, she pursued courses at Harvard University, MIT University, the London School of Economics, Oxford University, and more. She has since then, she has been participating in innumerable events, conferences, forums, and discussion panels.

Dr. Wafa has also held a wide variety of strategically and socially prominent memberships and associations in think tanks, local Saudi ministries, and the United Nations.


Our main mission is to help students, give them a sense of confidence and improve their skills by providing modern methods and innovative approaches to make studying and learning easier and more creative. We also strive to be at the forefront of higher education in both teaching and business practice.



We are committed to fostering our students’ love for learning, encouraging them to try new things, and giving them a solid foundation to build a bright future. Furthermore, Raffles Institute continues to strive for excellence in providing quality education and providing an enriching educational experience for our students.


We work to provide skilled professionals, which ensures the highest standards of teaching for students.

We seek to create an environment of trust, support, acceptance, and safety to foster a sense of belonging and well-being in our students. For us, change is an opportunity for progress, so we work tirelessly to ensure the future of our students.


We strive to make Raffles a major pioneer in design education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as we always strive to expand our fields of study and enhance our innovative programs. We seek to empower Saudi women, to make the whole world available to them, multiply opportunities for their future, and prepare them to enter the field of business with confidence.

Why choose us

Raffles Design Institute provides you with a global high-quality education. From your place you will get the best ever.

Studying at Raffles Design Institute provide you with an internationally recognized education, which makes you easily accepted into your dream job.

Raffles is one of the top 40 Design Schools around the world.

We expose our students to the national and international community through great internship opportunities with big designers and design industries ( e.g .: LV, IKEA, Be Studio, HUED, Ashi and more … ) and participating in design events and exhibitions ( e.g .: Hia Hub ) to display their work.

Raffles Sense

We are committed to providing a conducive learning environment which will evoke in our students the Raffles Sense.

From the look and feel of the campus to the vibrant, youthful culture, every face of our campus exudes a positive energy which translates to a positive attitude, which we call the Raffles Sense. This Raffles Sense will embrace and envelop each and every student.

We strive to unlock our students’ minds, enabling them to overcome the barriers that limit them.

We will unleash their potential and unveil their hidden talents. Raffles nurtures the students’ abilities beyond their five senses

By awakening the Raffles Sense in our students, we ignite their creativity and innovation to empower them to strive towards self-actualization that will drive them to break new grounds, cultivate their talent and fuel the needed passion for a successful lifelong career.