Raffles Participate in the Global Service Jam

Raffles Design Institute have participated in the Global Service Jam for designing and creating services has lunched in Riyadh on the 9th of March for two days. HUED Company for designing and creating was the organizer for the event in collaboration with Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority. More than 85 countries form all around the world have participated. Participants gathered at Prince Sultan University to design creative services by applying the strategies of designing services and ideas under the supervision of many specialists in various levels of design industry.

Many innovators, businessmen, and workers from private and government sectors have participated in this challenge where a creative concept has been designed to enhance the clients and citizen experience in many aspects of life. The Service Jam challenge aims to define the design tools and build the services creatively where the participants can benefit from it in their careers fields. This event seeks to gather all people who are interested in design and worked in the field.


Service Jam Challenge focus on the importance of understanding clients’ needs as the base of designing services and ideas and test the concept as a base for any developments not only by depending on it but also by producing ideas.

The organizing of the global activities for Service Jam Challenge started since 2011. Total numbers of participates for this year is approximately 3500 from all around the world.

The purpose of HUED Company of organizing this event is to play its role in Saudi society by disseminating the culture of development, innovation, and definition of the service design tools. HUED company is the first specialized Saudi company that provides services in design and invocations. In this event VC students and the HOD Ms Zaina Jouidi were honored for their efforts in the field.

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