Jewellery Design


The Advanced Diploma programme encourages creative jewellery design through conceptualisation, innovation, originality, technical skills and professionalism at all levels through establishing close ties with the Industry to give the student a strong sense of ‘reality’ and realization of career prospects for the future. Students will experience a broad-based, diagnostic curriculum during year one grasping investigational, analytical and problem solving design skills through a project based, modular system which also encourages the investigation and understanding of varying materials, processes and applications for use in Jewellery design. Concurrently, students will explore Design and Cultural issues through Art & Design History and Theory modules and also generic modules, using 2D and 3D software applications for Jewellery Design.

Year two offers a more defined specialization in Jewellery Design, encouraging confidence in scale, material exploration and scope of design issues and aesthetic sensitivities. Students will also be encouraged to be more ‘self-directed’ in the advanced years of their studies.


  • Jewellery Craftperson
  • Signmaker
  • Jewellery Retailer
  • Engraver
  • Jewellery Designer
  • Jewellery Repair Expert
  • Gemmologist
  • Fashion Jeweller
  • Lapidary


  • Observational Drawing Skills
  • Colour Analysis In 3D Design
  • Model Making
  • Cultural Studies
  • Studio Practice I: Fabrication Methods 1
  • Design Theory
  • Digital Presentation
  • Design Drafting – Technical Drawing
  • Studio Practice II: Fabrication Methods 2
  • Human Factors
  • Computer Aided Design (AutoCAD)
  • 3D Conceptualization
  • Studio Practice III: Fabrication Methods 3
  • Computer Rendering (Rhinoceros)
  • Design Rendering
  • Studio Practice IV: Enamelling and Glass
  • Solid Modeling – Rapid Prototyping
  • Retail Visual Merchandising
  • Jewellery Technology
  • Studio Practice V: Silversmithing
  • Gemstones Identification
  • Studio Practice VI: Gem Analysis and Stone Setting
  • Major Design Project – Jewellery Design
  • Academic Research and Communication Skills
  • Industrial Attachment
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