Jewelry Design

It is the design of all kinds of jewelry and ornaments made of various types of metals, then converting them from raw materials into unique pieces with attractive designs. This art is learned through a curriculum which relies on imagination, innovation, originality, and technical and professional skills. It is a wide-ranging curriculum that contains the study of design, art history, culture, and general modules, using two- and three-dimensional software applications for jewelry design.



• Major Jewelry Design Project
• Industrial Attachment
• Observational Drawing
• Enameling
• Model Making


• Gemstone Identification
• Jewelry Technology
• Digital Presentation
• 3D Conceptualization
• Computer Rendering
• Rapid Prototyping
• Silversmithing


• Color Analysis in 3D Design
• Retail Visual Merchandising
• Technical Drawing
• Design Rendering
• Solid Modeling
• Stone Setting
• AutoCAD


• Academic Research & Communication Skills
• Fabrication Methods
• Design Management
• Cultural Studies
• Design Drafting
• Human Factors
• Gem Analysis

Career opportunities available after completing
the Jewelry Design Advanced Diploma and Bachelors

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Jewelry Craftsperson

Icon 2

Jewelry Retailer

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Sign maker

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Jewelry Designer/Artist

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Fashion Jeweler

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Jewelry Repair Expert