Interior Design

Interior design is the art and science of enhance buildings from the inside, and increase their aesthetics. The study of interior design includes the design and planning of spaces and interior spaces, creative problem solving, knowledge of building materials and design history. It also plays the main and essential role in maintaining the integrity of the building. The interior design aspects consist of both technical aspects and planning aspects. This is in addition to the technical and aesthetic aspects.



• Furniture History & Application
• Office Environmental Lighting
• Interior Color Application
• Industrial Attachment
• Presentation Drawing
• Free-hand Drawing
• Portfolio


• Residential Building Technology & Construction
• 3D Computer -Aided -Drawing / REVIT
• Computer Rendering & Animation
• 2D Computer -Aided - Drawing


• Furniture Designer Design Consultant
• Lighting Designer
• CAD Designer Facility Manager Design Educator
• Interior Design Principles & Theory
• Interior Materials & Finishes
• Computer Graphic Skills
• Restaurant & Hospitality
• Ret


• Communication Skills Budget, Costing & Documentation
• Practice Construction Studies Academic Research
• Professional Architectural Drafting
• Creativity & Concept Development
• Cultural studies

Career opportunities available after
completing the Interior Design Advanced Diploma and Bachelors

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Commercial Interior Designer

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Manager Designer

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Residential Interior Designer

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Exhibition Designer

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Institutional Interior Designer

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CAD Designer

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Furniture Designer

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Design Consultant

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Lighting Facility Designer