Foundation Studies

The aim of the Design Foundation program is to prepare the new students before they enter their specialized diploma with a solid foundation in four study areas. Students will have 6 weeks to complete the Foundation Program which will enhance students’ knowledge and skills in the basic designing aspects. After successful completion of the Foundation Program, students will be capable to proceed with the other Diploma programs in design.


Learning To Study

The aim of this module is to help students discover themselves to be more prepared for success in their future studies, and one of the main objectives of this module is to help students determine their field of study.

Drawing And Sketching

The aim of this module is to develop a student’s observation, black and white pencildrawing and sketching skills. The module is intended for a beginner who has little or no drawing and sketching skills. Students will gain a working knowledge of form, space, shape, light, texture, line, proportion, perspective,volume and composition.

Art History

The objective of this module is to introduce students to art, its expression in human history, and its significance in human development. The course will cover the history of art from the ancient world of contemporary art. The major periods of art history and art styles will be studied and discussed.

Mathematics For Designer

The objective of this module is to develop the student’s ability to reason with and apply simple mathematical concepts and formulas in a business environment.