Fashion Marketing
& Management Design

Fashion Marketing & Management Design is an exciting field that opens one up to countless opportunities in the fashion industry. Students learn buying and merchandising practices, along with conceptualizing and developing effective brand management strategies to execute advertising and promotional activities. Our education system is tailored to blend creative fashion knowledge with a solid grounding of business, marketing and contextual studies, students will learn to understand how product, customer and market forces integrate, while being introduced to new challenges, technologies and issues facing the fashion industry.



• Fibers & Textiles
• History of Costumes
• 20th Century styles & Trends
• Fashion Journalism
• Fashion Buying
• Buying Principles
• Consumer Behavior
• Academic Research &
  Communication Skills


• Color Theory
• Technical Drawings
• Garmin Typology
• Computer Graphic Skills
• Digital Photography
• Visual Merchandising
• Marketing & Merchandising
• Sensorial Marketing
• Fashion Coordination & Promotion


• Fashion Design Principles
• Product Development
• Industrial Attachment
• Fashion communication
• Market Research
• Brand Management Intro
• Human Resource Management
• Financial Management
• Global Supply Chain Management

Career opportunities available after completing
the Fashion Marketing &
Management Design Advanced Diploma and Bachelors

Icon 1

Fashion Buyer

Icon 2

Costume Coordinator

Icon 3

Fashion Editor

Icon 4

Fashion Coordinator

Icon 5

Brand Manager

Icon 6

Market Researcher

Icon 7

Visual Merchandiser

Icon 8

Public Relations Officer

Icon 9

Image Coordinator

Icon 10

Image Consultant

Icon 11

Event Manager

Icon 12