Fashion Design

It is an art based on creating designs that take aesthetic influence inspired by social, geographical, economic and cultural aspects. It also means understanding all the basic elements in the design and their structure, as each line in the design has significance, value and meaning. A fashion designer's work focuses on creating and developing designs, defining fashion and trends in designs, and choosing colors, fabrics, prints, and motifs. It also includes managing the design process from the concept involved in the design to the production and release of the garments to the public, along with the use of 2D and 3D computer design programs.



• Fashion Design Principles
• Sketching & Illustration
• Technical Drawing
• Industrial Attachment
• Menswear Workshop
• Mini Collection Workshop


• CAD1 for Fashion Design
• CAD2 Digital Portfolio
• Developing Textiles
• Sewing Application
• Developing Fashion


• Design Research & Development
• Pattern Aided Design
• Fibers and Textiles
• Couture Techniques
• Pattern Drafting
• Fashion Draping


• Academic Research & Communication Skills
• Brand Management Intro
• Marketing Foundation
• History of Costume
• Grading & Costing
• Garment Typology
• Color Theory

Career opportunities available after completing
the Fashion Design Advanced Diploma and Bachelors

Icon 1

Fashion Photography Coordinator

Icon 2

Costume Coordinator
(for Television, Film or Theatre)

Icon 3

Fashion Consultant

Icon 4

Fashion Forecaster

Icon 5

Fashion Illustrator

Icon 6

Costume Designer