Soaad Alabidien (Visual Communication Design)

My experience at raffles was a one of a kind, ranging from meeting interesting and talented teachers to the flexible environment we had. I started my journey at Raffles Design Institute, Riyadh knowing that I will be experiencing something new and professional. One of my favorite semesters was the first semester where I got to discover my style and learn how to use my drawing skills as well as getting introduced to the Adobe software. We got a lot of support and knowledge in very short time. We developed various skills and we were able to recognize what is visually more suitable for our designs at a very early stage thanks to the critique sessions we used to attend with our class at the end of every project. We managed to speak up and to accept criticism to build a stronger design and personality. At Raffles Design Institute, Riyadh different filed trips were arranged and talks by very important and inspirational people helped us gain new information, knowledge and gave us opportunity and exposure to various areas.

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