Muntaha AlQahtani (Visual Communication Design)

I always knew that I had a passion for art and production, and wanted to follow this goal for a long time. After searching for a place that will support my passion, I have found Raffles Design Institute, Riyadh. September 2015 I started my foundation semester at Raffles Design Institute, Riyadh, at the beginning it was filled with motivation, for the staff and instructors were excited to teach us and help us grow and find the paths we love. The assignments we received were challenging and stressful, but after the great support from our teachers and the environment full of creativity, we always manage to pull through and deliver great projects that reflect our individual styles. These assignments also taught me self-development and team work skills. The community at Raffles is full of positive energy, and supportive people that push you towards become a successful designer, by building your own style and creative approach.

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