Lama AlHenaky (Fashion Design)

Ever since I was a little girl Iʼve had a passion for fashion and an early love for making mood-boards. I used to steal my sisterʼs magazines to make them based on texture, color and theme. From that I moved forward to revamping my dolls clothing and haircuts to doing the same for myself. I found out about Raffles through my sister via Twitter. I wanted to pursue fashion design as a professional career. There are two designers that inspired me the most because of the impact they had on fashion to the point that they helped to bring out new fashion movements. The first one is Martin Margiela with his innovative take on fashion by introducing the deconstructive structure of his designs. The second is Alexander McQueen by bringing darkness to high fashion. Fashion is challenging but worth it. Be focused, and put time and energy into what you do.

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