Eman AlSari (Visual Communication Design)

When I was in high school, I was looking for a place that will allow me to achieve my goals academically, and after some research I heard about Raffles Design Institute, Riyadh. My experience at Raffles Design Institute, Riyadh, was an experience full of knowledge and passion. At Raffles we learned the correct way to tackle our problems and solve them efficiently, leading us to developing an effective creative process. My journey at Raffles was an unforgettable one. Even though we were put under pressure, the outcome of this hard work was extremely rewarding and satisfying, as we are improving with every single assignment we receive. I gained so many opportunities over the past 2.5 years, by meeting amazing people, and having excellent exposure for my work, along with the workshops and speakers they invite in order to inspire and motivate us. Overall, the community of Raffles Design Institute, Riyadh, was a loving and caring one, filled with inspiring people that build you up and push you to the limits.

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